About South Gloucestershire Council

We are a successful and ambitious unitary authority, with a reputation for delivering good quality services.
The council was described in a recent peer review by the offices.jpgLocal Government Association as well led with strong, stable, political and managerial leadership and a track record for delivering its priorities. Our local economy is one of the strongest in the country and we are one of only a handful of councils to be a net contributor to the exchequer. Our success is based in an unwavering commitment to putting our communities first, as we strive to ensure that South Gloucestershire remains a wonderful place to live, work, learn and visit.

Our overarching plan for South Gloucestershire is outlined in our Council Plan, which you can explore here.

The actions detailed in the Plan are rooted in our vision of ‘Achieving the best for our residents and their communities, ensuring South Gloucestershire will always be ‘a great place to live and work.’

This shared vision is explored in more detail in our Sustainable Community Strategy which outlines the context for the area’s key priorities and provides a high-level framework for integrated delivery by focusing on four broad themes which aim to:

Read our Sustainable Community Strategy here.

Council Values 
Our values are important to us. They provide guiding principles which define how we work with each other and our community. The values are aspirational - recognising and building on our existing strengths, but also reflecting changes we want to make in the way we work.

Council Values 700px.jpg